Why You May Need Business Telecom Services

If you are a very small business, the phrase ‘business telecom services’ may sound a little intimidating and perhaps something of overkill in the context of your particular operations.

Yet, as with many technical phrases and descriptions, this one essentially means something very simple.

It is all about the support and services that differentiate your telephone use as a business from that of, say, a private individual.

Let’s consider the case of a call to a friend or family member. Calling them and getting the engaged signal may be a little frustrating – but typically you will just keep trying until you get through.

However, in the case of a business, it might be very risky to assume that your Fortinet Firewall customers will be similarly inclined. If they find it difficult to reach you, they may, quite simply, go elsewhere.

Therefore, as a business, you may decide that you cannot accept the concept of your customers being greeted by the engaged signal if you and your colleagues are on the phone. You may decide that their call must be automatically routed to a voice mail system in such circumstances.

When they do get through to your office you may decide that, if they wish to fax you something, you should be able to transfer them seamlessly to your fax machine and not have to ask them to dial back on another number. Once again, that sort of thing might prove a minor inconvenience to a friend but it might prove to be a serious irritation if the person at the other end of the line is a client.

These are relatively trivial examples but they do illustrate the key difference between private and business telecom services – as a business your requirements are highly likely to be just ‘different’.

Sometimes just a little thought will enable you to identify where you need those additional services that are regarded as being more or less essential for a business in today’s telecoms world.

It might also be advisable to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced provider of small business telecom solutions.

Having the right business telecom services in place to support your business may quite literally make the difference between success and failure.


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