Vinyl Printing Solutions For Your Every Marketing Need

If you drive or commute to work, there’s at least one vinyl sign that you’ll see on your way to the office. Vinyl signs are a popular choice as marketing tools because of its resilience, durability and flexibility. These properties are not altered even after long periods of time and different weather conditions, making vinyl printing a worthwhile investment for advertising needs.

Vinyl signs have one general purpose, as with other ads, which is to inform people about a product or service and hopefully encourage them to make a purchase. To achieve this, advertisers use them in different ways to achieve better impact, hence, vinyl signs come in different shapes, and even more sizes.

1. Vinyl bulletin

o The biggest outdoor advertising tool are the bulletins, a bigger form of billboard (the other being posters). The standard size for this ad is 14 feet x 48 feet, and they come with towering metal structures for support. Bulletins are ideally placed along car populated areas so you commonly see these signs by the highways or other wide roads.

o The challenge with this form of vinyl sign is the need to communicate the message you want in a matter of seconds since vehicles pass by at high speed. The key is to make the content simple, easy to read, and with a striking picture or one-liner.

2. Vinyl posters

o Posters are smaller and more common than bulletins, possibly due to the convenience of posting and cheaper price. For this medium, the cost of one bulletin can be split to produce more posters.

o Unlike its bigger counterpart, posters are placed in near walkways and areas with heavy traffic of people.

o They usually contain more details. Since the dimensions are smaller, it is important to make the letters readable so even if people just pass by without stopping, they can pick up the information written on the poster.

3. Vinyl decals

o Decals are stickers placed on various surfaces, usually on toys for the big boys like cars, motorcycles and boats. Formula One cars are a good example of vehicles covered with different decals provided by their sponsors.

o Some advertisers use decals to display the names or logos of companies. Since they’re frequently found in cars, decals are most effective on the road, during morning rush hours and other traffic situations throughout the day.

4. Vinyl lettering

o Same as decals, vinyl letters are adhesives. But instead of graphics and images, they contain texts that come in different font types and sizes.

o The letters do not need to be placed individually. Vinyl letterings are placed in one strip and pre-spaced for hassle-free sticking. Once attached to a mirror or glass, they give an effect of floating letters which adds to its appeal. Vinyl letterings are commonly seen in window displays, automobile exteriors and walls.

5. Vinyl Window Signs

o And to maximize the space of your establishment, you can decorate your store-front windows with vinyl adhesives that will decorate your store and provide you with a sign at the same time. Vinyl printing can do these wonders and help you get the foot-traffic you need to your restaurant or boutique.

After determining what kind of advertising approach is best for your product and services, there are numerous advertising possibilities with vinyl printing that you can tap into. Whether you go for large format prints like bulletins and posters, or the smaller decals and letters, you’re sure to get your message across and your products seen.

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