The Best Cities to Visit in Italy

The showstoppers of Italy

If you have planned a trip to Italy, one of the toughest jobs at hand will be to select the places you would visit. You will be at your wit’s end to make a decision in this area because Italy has a lot to offer, more than you can possibly handle. Nevertheless, whatever few places you can manage to visit, you will find them worth all your efforts. Take a look at the main attractions to cover at this exotic place, so that half your battle is won.

The Roman fever

Once in Italy, you cannot ignore this majestic land of historic importance, known as Rome. Currently the capital of modern-day Italy, it symbolizes ancient history to the core and at the same time has a contemporary feel to it. The city is vibrant and energetic and you can almost feel it in the air. Highlights of this place include The Colosseum, The Pantheon, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica to name a few. Recognized as one of the hottest places to visit in the world, Rome requires repeated visits to experience everything it has on offer.

Venice- water, water, everywhere

Venice is considered the epitome of romance; surely it will ignite your passions. One of the most interesting and romantic destinations of the world, Venice is a true beauty with the city built in a lagoon and water all around. The Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy city has more than hundreds of canals, and a gondola ride in one of these waterways serves as an icing on the cake. The traffic-free streets along the canals also provide a perfect place for a stroll. Piazza San Marco, the biggest piazza is famous for its wonderful church. Other attractions include museums, palaces and churches showcasing different forms of skilled architecture of the times.

Tuscany- an enthralling experience

If you wish to view countryside, enjoy at seaside towns, marvel at ancient art works of legends or experience classic medieval towers then Tuscany is the place to be. This vast region encompasses some of the most popular tourist spots and provides an opportunity to witness myriad landscape. There is a huge list of places worth mentioning, a few special picks are Florence-the city of art; Pisa- known for the tower Pisa; Siena- a hill town famous for its piazza, museums and cathedrals; Montepulciano- the walled city famous for its Renaissance structures and delectable wine; and Versilia- a paradise for beach lovers.

Milan- the Richie Rich

Milan is richness personified with its huge display of stylish galleries, restaurants, shops and undoubtedly the treasured art and culture reflected in the historic structures of the place. It is the home of one of the most notable opera houses, La Scala and the A.C., Italy’s best football club. You can also witness the aura of the magnificent Duomo or turn a shopaholic with the world-class shopping experience in Milan.

Twinkling Stars

The journey has just begun because there are a lot more places to explore and one of them is Turin, located in the Northwestern region of Italy. It serves as the best place to view the baroque architecture and to participate in winter sports. Naples conjures up images of mouth-watering pizzas and you can get a slice of history in its famous cathedrals or the National Archeological Museum. Verona is known for the Roman Arena, a wonderful castle complex and of course Romeo and Juliet.

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