Renting an Apartment in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is located in Northeast Florida. One of the largest cities is Jacksonville. It is a huge city and is car oriented. While looking for Jacksonville Apartments, it is better to look in closer proximity to one’s place of work. There are riverside and beach side neighborhoods and one can choose apartments for rent according to their tastes. The city is known for its fine dining and night life. One of the best things about Jacksonville is its low cost of living. The cost is about 9% less than the average cost of living elsewhere and apartments for rent are highly affordable. The downtown area is the best place to look for Jacksonville apartments.

The top five highly recommended Jacksonville, Florida apartments are as follows: The first apartment which has been highly recommended by the people is Parks South at Deerwood. It is located at Jacksonville, FL 32256. It is very spacious and is buy pallets in Jacksonville known for its luxurious amenities. It has large kitchens, private patios and fireplaces. It is also strategically located. The second is The Reserve at James Island which has been recommended by 95% of the people. This apartment complex has been rated well for its Community Services like Basketball Court, Car Care center, Club House, Maintenance and Business Center. The third best rated Jacksonville apartment is Paddock Club Apartments. It is located in 7925 Merrill Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32277 and has been recommended by 66% of the people. It is well known for its good maintenance. It has been recommended as a clean and friendly place to live in. The fourth best rated apartment complex is Evergreen Club located at 9611 Southbrook Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256. It is known for its friendly maintenance and less noise. The fifth apartment recommended by 42% of the people is Plantation Apartments. This apartment has received mixed reviews with a few people saying that it is great and a few saying it is not worth moving into. The common positive point that has been told about this place is that it is very spacious. The common negative point is that it is very noisy and people are not friendly.

Finding apartments for rent in Jacksonville, Florida is easy but finding the right one at the right price requires a little bit of research.



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