Improving the Exterior Style of Your Car

There are many approaches you can take to bring your car from average to amazing. Most of the instant improvements should be made to the exterior of your car to get the most effective difference. This will make the biggest initial impact because the exterior is what most people see. The interior of your ride is mostly for your comfort and appeal.

So what can you do to the exterior of your car to make improvements? Well there are many modifications you can make. You could add a body kit to get the most drastic customization. A body kit usually will include replacement bumpers, and new side skirts. Some body kits will also include a spoiler, or even wide fenders for a wide stance. A carbon fiber hood is a common upgrade that will help in reducing the weight of your vehicle and giving it a sleek look. These carbon fiber hoods come in many styles with unique designs. There are many other carbon fiber products that can really accent your cars body. Add a carbon fiber wind splitter, rear diffusers, and side mirrors for performance improvement and nice body accents.

One of the most common upgrade that people do when they get a new or used car is to replace the factory wheels with custom wheels. Usually a larger size with lower profile tires to get that sport look. Pick the color and style of your wheels based tesla side mirror replacement on the look and paint of your ride. Some great color combinations are blue, with carbon fiber add-ons and black rims, black car completely blacked out with black wheels with some silver accents.

A newer style in car customization is to black out a car completely. This is done by painting the car completely black including all emblems grills and everything. Tinting the windows is a must to continue the blacked out look all around.

Adding some of these simple body components or add-ons will give you a quick personal upgrade and an eye catching appearance. A  carbon fiber hood, wheels, tinted windows, and custom paint or graphics with give you the ultimate in style and design.


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