Herbal Cleansing Kits Make it Easier For People on the Go!

Many people simply do not have time for an intensive cleanse. For people on the go… folks with busy jobs, with young kids and their activities, and those that have to cook for others, an intensive cleanse such as the Master Cleanse or a Fast is difficult to do. And although these methods are very effective if you have the time, the reality is many of us simply can’t handle the stress.

I truly believe a regular cleanse of some type is very important for all of us. Doing a cleanse seasonally is ideal, but if that is difficult I would highly suggest at least once a year. It does not take very long for toxins to return to our body and you need to flush them out on a regular basis. I have been at a point many times in my life that a cleanse & detox was necessary, yet I simply did not have the time or energy to do an intensive cleanse. Have you also felt that way?

What then is the Best Cleansing Method for people on the go?

The easiest and most effective way to do a cleanse for people on the go is a combination of two ways

1) a Cleansing Food Diet

2) a Herbal Cleansing kit

Let me explain this further…

A Cleansing Diet is basically eating certain specific foods that will aid you in detoxifying your body. There are many levels of this. An Organic juice fast is of course a great way to cleanse, but this is not the only way and certainly is not always practical. We can design a cleansing diet around actual foods….by avoiding specific foods…and by focusing on the ideal cleansing foods. For example avoiding acidic foods and focusing on foods higher on alkaline are a great place to start. Another example is to avoid junk food and any type of chemical processed foods! Another very important factor in a diet cleanse is to drink lots of water. I have found that a specific natural diet will help kick in your metabolism to cleanse itself. Doing this diet alone though takes some time…at least 30 days, sometimes longer. And this can work for many and is a wonderful way to cleanse, but I truly believe the key to a deeper cleanse is to add step 2 to this…that is the Herbal Cleansing Kit !

You can get many types of Herbal Cleansing Kits both at the Natural Food Store and Online. And of course if you have time to research or have an expert you can consult with there are specific herbs that you can take to aid in a cleanse. These herbs can come in capsule form, bulk, in tinctures, and in teas. All of these ways can work, but you really need to know what you are doing…so educate yourself first.

This is why I like the Herbal Cleansing Kits..these kits consist of natural herbs and good directions! All of the kits I have used have a food list and a specific schedule and procedure. I like convenience…that’s why these kits can be so useful. These kits range from a quick 7 day cleanse to a more through 30 day cleanse. Most are made up of herbal pills that you take at certain times of the day…usually before meals. Water is a major part of this also as you are flushing out the toxins from your body.

When choosing a Cleansing Kit or Program I am going to recommend 3 things-

1) The Cleansing kit should consist of Natural Herbs & Ingredients Only!

2) Do some research or talk to a someone with knowledge on what one works best and which one works best for you!

3) Make sure and combine the Cleansing Food Diet with the Herbal Cleaning kit…the combination is the key!

I personally like the 7 day Quick Cleanse! If you are eating properly and kick in your cleanse food diet a week or two earlier these 7 day cleanses can really do wonders!

There are many more things we could mention about an Herbal Cleanse. I only touched on the subject. And of course there are many others great ways to cleanse! One thing I do know…a Body Cleanse is Essential for your Health! If you haven’t tried a cleanse you will be amazed on how it changes your life!

Want more info on Cleansing? I have a detailed infraredsauna on the Best Methods of Cleansing available. Please go to my website for more info. To get more information on Herbal Cleansing Kits and Cleansing Diets please visit the  section on my website

I hope this article was helpful. I will continue to offer you more tips on this important subject. To your Health! Brian M Heater


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