Going to Buy Coffee Beans? Read This First!

When someone doesn’t know the many benefits of using coffee beans they often don’t understand why someone would buy coffee beans when they could just purchase a bag of regular coffee.  Regular coffee is just as good, they say.  But is it just as good?

The fact of the matter is that there are actually over twenty varieties of coffee beans.  With that being said, they are mostly divided into two broad types of beans.  Someone who drinks coffee and buys coffee beans on a regular basis might already be familiar with different types of beans that are available and their various flavors.

60%-70% of the world’s consumption of coffee comes from the Coffea Arabica coffee bean. It is also the type of coffee bean that most people enjoy drinking the most.  The Caffea Arabica coffee bean is also a very expensive bean due to the strict growing conditions that are required when growing this coffee variety. 

In order to grow these plants they have to be at least 3000 feet above the sea level and the temperature cannot go higher then the low 70’s Fahrenheit.  If these conditions are not meet the Coffea Aribica plant cannot thrive.

Coffea canephora, commonly known as Robusta, is the less popular of the two coffee beans.  It makes up only 30%-40% of the world’s coffee consumption.  It is considered to be of an inferior quality when compared to the more popular Coffea Areabica and more times then not it cannot be bought separately.  The Robusta coffee bean is grown at around the mid eighties Fahrenheit and will grow practically anywhere.  This type of bean is also a bit bitter and the majority of people don’t like it as much for this reason.

The two types of beans are often blended together.  They do this because coffea Arabica is expensive and in order to bring the price down to a lower range they use the caffea canephora as a filler. So the majority of the time when you buy coffee beans it will be a mixture of the two.

Regardless of which you prefer, the Arabica based coffee gifts or if you prefer the Robusta varieties, the freshest and best tasting coffee is always going to be achieved by grinding up fresh coffee beans.  When you buy coffee at the supermarket you can either buy ground coffee by the can or bag or more times then not you can buy coffee beans and grind them right there in the store. However, even when you buy coffee beans that you ground up in the store they will start to taste stale within the first week.

The best way to get a fresh cup of coffee is to purchase coffee beans in small quantities and grind them up at home as you go.  Coffee grinders are available just about anywhere and they are for the most part inexpensive, so it is worth the money to be able to buy coffee beans and grind them yourself.

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