Earn Money From Home Making Perfumes

If you like perfumes and have always wondered how they are made, you are not on your own. Perhaps you’ve even gone beyond that and have already dipped your toes in the waters of perfume making as a hobby and now wonder how you can make money from it. If this describes you then you’ll be happy to know that it’s not an impossible objective, making perfumes to sell can be relatively easy.

Your fun hobby might just be an ideal way to earn money working from home. There has always been a lot of mystery around the art of perfume making. Most leading perfumers/perfume houses have trade secrets of how they compose their blends and where they source their raw materials from. Regardless of their efforts however, certain things can’t remain hidden forever, the secret always come out sooner or later. There are several ways and methods of creating perfumes; some are quite complex and time-consuming. Other methods are more straight forward and easy to learn; providing convenient short cuts that can help just anyone grasp the nitty-gritty of dossier perfume blending in no time. All you need is the accurate, how to information from the right source and you’re good to go.

It’s certainly nice to know it’s reasonably simple to find out how to go about making your blends because there are some good guides out there to help you get started. Unfortunately, along with the good you always get the bad! There are a lot of so called ‘free perfume making tips’ floating about out there on the world wide web. Most of these are absolutely inaccurate and could end up making you frustrated and giving up. Don’t get discouraged though if that’s already happened to you, simple and effective perfume making techniques can be learnt fairly easily with access to the right information and good quality ingredients.

So what does a perfume actually contain? The two basic components of any perfume are the base and fragrant essences blended into it. There are three main types of perfumes, alcohol based; oil based and solid types. The entire content of a perfume can be natural, man-made or a combination of both.

Sourcing affordable perfume ingredients that you can buy in small quantities can also be a bit of a challenge if you’re new to perfume making. Most of the industry suppliers only deal with large orders from the big perfume houses and will not sell to independent perfumers. Even so, there are still plenty of suppliers out there who cater exclusively for those making smaller purchases. They are happy to sell in low quantities and at really affordable prices. All the same, as buyers, you still need to be on the lookout for the vultures who are only interested in taking your money and fobbing you off with poor quality supplies.


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