Drug Treatment Success Rates

What do you think of when you think ‘success rate’ for a drug treatment program? Like most people you are probably thinking that success means abstinence; but does that mean abstinence from all substances or abstinence from the user’s substance of choice only? Is an individual considered successful if they completed a drug program for heroin, but now use alcohol? Are they considered successful if they binge drink and could be considered a problem drinker? What if they use alcohol daily but have two drinks or less per day? What if they went through a program for alcohol abuse, but now have a prescription for a benzodiazepine and use it frequently? The point is when people ask the question of how successful a drug treatment program or drug rehab is many do not even understand the full scope of their question.

If you are seeking a Ketamine Withdrawal treatment program for yourself or your loved one, it is very important to first decide what your goals are for attending the program. For example would a successful outcome include a lifetime of complete abstinence from all substances and daily attendance at support group meetings? Or would a successful outcome for you mean that you gain autonomy and control over your everyday decisions, thoughts and behaviors? Are you seeking to solve a myriad of emotional and behavioral problems in your life, or are you hoping just to focus on substance use? And when you think of your life after completing the program do you envision that you will have to accept that you have a lifelong, chronic, incurable disease that requires diligence and vigilance to maintain some semblance of daily sanity; or do you envision that you will move on with your life, healthy, happy and planning for your future successes.

As you seek a drug or alcohol treatment program, it is important to sit back and ask yourself, what am I hoping to achieve; and what kind of life do I want post-program. Your options are ever-growing so there is no reason to settle for less than what you want for your life. Ultimately you’re the only person who must live with your decision, so take your time and make it count. Drug and alcohol treatment programs and drug rehabs are an enormous investment in time and money; take the time to call each program and let them know what you are hoping to gain for you or your loved one post program. If they tell you it’s not possible then it’s time to move on to the next one.

Remember, people overcome substance use problems everyday; and most accomplish this without treatment, meetings or therapy. They simply readjust their priorities, make a commitment to change and then mature out of the problem. There are those, however, who can benefit greatly from a residential program. If you feel that you or your loved one can benefit from attending a residential program, seek a program whose philosophies and ideals for success fit your own.


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