Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

Women choose to wear gemstone jewelry for many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious among them is how beautiful the pieces can be, made with stones of any or every color of the rainbow. Some people believe the gemstones also have properties beyond what we can see, however, and wear jewelry featuring gemstones which are supposed to bring positive forces into their lives.

Obviously there are any number of skeptics who think that Bergkristalle power, astrology, tarot, totems, and any other related mystical/spiritual ideas are just imaginary. Others argue that any positive effect that comes from crystals only comes because you’ve adjusted your expectations when you believe that crystals can help you, and you actually do all the work to change yourself. Others believe that crystals will work their subtle magic no matter what you believe–so it’s a good thing that crystals are only used for good, and are supposed to be positive and healing in many different ways.

Gemstone Jewelries are affordable. Another great thing about gemstones is that there’s usually enough variation in quality among stones that you can find one that suits any budget. Take amethysts, for example: a flawless amethyst with a beautiful rich purple color, perfectly faceted by an expert jeweler, can cost thousands of dollars and be placed alongside diamonds in a stunning platinum setting. However, technically flawed amethysts can still be stunning. They may have a more solid or milky appearance, or have tiny white striations making interesting patterns in the stone; this makes them a lot cheaper, but they are still versatile and attractive enough to set in beautiful silver settings.

If you like dangling earrings, you can find striking chandelier and drop styles featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones. If you like a funky or artsy look, you can find chunky styles set in silver, and get bright splashes of color from relatively inexpensive garnet, peridot, or topaz stones. If you want something a little more understated and sophisticated, you can always look to amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires set in gold, white gold, or platinum.


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