Carwash Fundraisers are Being Banned in Some Cities for Environmental Reasons – Case Study

Are carwash fundraisers being banned across America or in only some cities on the West Coast? Often, environmental regulations start in California and work their way Eastward, sometimes skipping the middle and jumping across and then filling in the red states later. We can all see this from observation and it stands to reason why this occurs. Why are carwash fundraisers being banned in California, Washington State and other places?

The International Carwash Association, Western Carwash Association and Puget Sound Carwash Association have been culprits, trying to coax environmental agencies to stop car wash fundraisers that compete with their members. In many places carwash associations have even attempted to get home car-washing by car owners banned as well.

Is it because they are greedy and want the business? It appears that it is economically motivated, not really environmentally motivated. Do Fixed Site carwashes save water? What about the drought in many cities? Well, 2in1 carwash claim to recycle their water and state that they are good stewards of water supplies, still the average car wash coin op using 8 gallons, and 24 gallons of fresh water are used at a touch-less or roll over carwash.

They do not recycle it all and many use RO-reverse osmosis rinse systems that use 3 gallons to make one gallon of spot free water. Some use the left over with the soap, but not all. Indeed, carwashes are not nearly as efficient as you might think. If they use so much water, why are they not shut down?

Most cities in Level II drought have plans to stop car wash businesses or ration them. In the 1990’s Santa Barbara did this, the city put in a desalination plant, but the rain came before it was finished, they sold the desalination equipment to Saudi Arabia. Right now in some cities in TN, GA, SC, NC (Raleigh-Durham Area), they have shut down carwashes. There are places in the Nation, such as the receding Ogallala Aquifer where wells are dry.

Water supply crisis in America, well it is a huge issue, but the problem is mankind does not conserve our precious resource. California fires are also a huge usage, fire fighting consumes lots of water. California needs to act with a real long-term solution and not cut out carwash fundraisers for the community. California needs desalination for San Diego, Riverside, Orange Counties, the Colorado River cannot handle it with all the growth in Clark County Nevada, PHX, San Diego and Riverside.

The Online Think Tank thinks “Camp Pendleton” land is perfect for a Desalination Plant, run from Ocean Wave energy for Southern California. The water crisis is real and with the waste and growth, it even more serious. Still you can wash a car with a pressure washer without scratching using only 3.0 to 5 gallons fairly easily, yes SUVs and Minivans too. So shutting down carwash fundraisers makes no sense at all.

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