Can A Carwash Offer Free Showers After A Natural Disaster to Help Homeless Displaced People?

If you own a carwash, after a natural disaster there will be quite a few dirty cars which need detailing and thorough cleaning. Especially if there has been a flood, or a tidal surge from perhaps a hurricane. If the cars are not cleaned properly, as well as the undercarriages they begin to rust right away, have electrical problems, and the dirt and debris hardens behind the fender wells and other places on the car. This means carwashes are very busy after stormy weather and natural disasters.

It has been noted out West when there are big wildfires and lots of soot and all those ashes cover all the cars and make a total mess, which puts lines that every carwash – as well as dollar signs in the eyes and mind of the carwash owner. That’s a good thing, and it’s a good day for all the employees with lots of extra work, and bigger tips. However, there are also displaced people, folks that may not be able to take a shower, or perhaps they are in areas where there is no electricity, or gas. If the carwash is running and fully functional, it is very easy to convert it into a system for assembly line human showers.

Each person can get three or four minute of hot water rinse. The water is not wasted because it goes into the carwash reclaim system to be used again cleaning the cars which will come in by the shipload due to the disaster. Everyone wins, and anyone who wants a shower can show up in the morning before the carwash opens for their free shower. In fact, if a carwashes working with FEMA, or the local county disaster response units, this can be accomplished very easily.

By setting up opaque plastic sheets with metal stanchions people can walk between them into their own cubbyhole for a personal 2in1 carwash and private shower. They can be offered a towel to use, which can be thrown in the wash machine in use later to clean cars. The reality is the carwash industry can do a lot to help in natural disasters, and it is an industry sector with lots of independent business people who really care, and they rely on these communities for their business.

The goodwill they promote will help their businesses in the future, besides that it’s the right thing to do, so we can count on them to volunteer their equipment and services. Indeed, all it takes is a little advanced planning, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and a genuine interest in wishing to help. Please consider all this and think on it.

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